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Rich pipeline demo in elvish
Powerful pipelines

Have data more complex than what grep and cut can handle?

Pipelines in elvish can carry structured data, not just text. Stream your lists, maps and even functions through the powerful pipeline.

Screenshot of control structures
C-like control structures

Never sure where to put semicolons, and no longer amused by "fi" and "esac"?

Elvish uses curly braces for control structures.

Screenshot of location mode
Directory history

Tired of cd'ing into /a/long/nested/directory? Keep forgetting where your configuration files are?

Elvish remembers where you have been. Press Ctrl-L and search, like in a browser.

Screenshot of history listing mode
Command history

Need to remind yourself of the usage of ffmpeg?

Just dig through your command history. Press Ctrl-R and search. Same key, more features.

Screenshot of navigation mode
Built-in File Manager

Power of the shell or convenience of a file manager?

Choose two. Press Ctrl-N to quickly navigate directories and preview files, with full shell power.

Elvish is a friendly and expressive shell for Linux, macOS and BSD.

Getting Elvish

Speaking Elvish